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Who We Are?


Our Company

Oxen System & Trading was established in 1994, a company providing solutions for software and hardware integrations. We provide professional custom solutions using our enormous experience in system integration. We provide a variety of products, ranging from standalone equipment to the integration of entire servers into our client’s computer systems. We provide constant and necessary upgrades for our products by integrating it with state-of-the-art technology available to us, giving our client’s the satisfaction they deserve. Our profession also includes the field of security and surveillance. We took part in numerous large construction projects and multiple system security contracts over the years. All of which, we pride ourselves in due to the efficiency and reliability of our products and services that were delivered. Nonetheless, we continued to strive for perfection in terms of our surveillance system's durability and minimize its downtime to the best of our capabilities. Our company had also ventured into the pollution-control industry by providing the necessary technology required for the implementation of Earth Control Measures. As an advocate of creating a pollution-free world, we have implemented the use of renewable energy; solar energy as majority of our product’s power reserve.

Our Mission

Our company is a firm believer of integrity and ethical trade, and we provide professional advices to our client’s needs and develops suitable and cost-effective solutions within the given time frame. We take pride in our capabilities to seamlessly integrate safe and reliant servers together with high quality surveillance systems into our client’s network systems, be it for corporate or domestic use, in order to be one step closer to our goal of an accessible online and physical security Furthermore, with the society’s increasing environmental awareness, our company had taken a leap into integrating our products with renewable sources of energy such as solar energy. We have also expanded our range of professions into tackling pollutions by partnering with Public Utility Board (PUB) in their Earth Control Measures (ECM) projects as their technology supplier. We have faith that our company’s efforts in going ‘green’ will only accumulate as time passes, bringing us another step closer to our goal of creating a pollution-free world for our future generations.